Life Ambiguous

One of the things that we are finding through this journey is that we are living in constant ambiguity.  It makes you realize how comforting defined lines are.  It really goes to show how comfortable we really are. A month or so ago (it’s all a little blurry) Cooper started a section of treatment that puts him in the hospital for 20 days (5 days at a time, with 9-10 days breaks in between) for 2 months.  But, per our new normal, that has not been the case, During these... Read The Rest →

As the Wind Rolls

Yesterday we watched an Arizona haboob from the 7th floor of Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Cooper got checked in on Thursday for 5 days to receive his chemo.  It’s amazing watching these dust storms from a distant consume the Valley…then before you know; it consumes you.  This whole experience with Cooper and cancer feels like that.  We’ve known about cancer and we’ve actually walked with friends through their battle, but now we’re fully engulfed in it ourselves. I’m learning so much through this experience…painful lessons.   Yesterday, my car died and... Read The Rest →

Life’s Poem

This winding road reveals to all that’s certain A conflict intrinsic which is it’s blind curtain When comfort is what we crave she laughs aloud Revealing to us what life’s all about This doubt seems to settle in the soul It clings to our expectations and curses truths we’re told We believe so definitely without investigating The pains of life that sit idly around us waiting When someone suffers we offer cliché commiserations Believing the same pain wouldn’t happen in our situation   What happens when joy transitions to grief... Read The Rest →

The Road We’re On

Another fever…another (possible) 5+ days in the hospital. Man this sucks, it seams like every crosswalk we come to in this journey that there’s a-sharp-left turn.  We’ve been learning to not look to far forward, but unfortunately we did.  Today Cooper will receive  his last shots in the legs for a couple of months, which would mean next week we would have NOTHING until Friday the 13th.   AHHH, a break, even for just a moment seems like cool rain on a hot Arizona day.  We even talked about taking... Read The Rest →

More Change

Many of you have asked what/why has there been a change in Cooper’s treatment plan.  2 weeks ago, Cooper was receiving his 2nd round of a chemo called PEG.  He hardly received 2 mins (less than 10cc) of his drip and he went into anaphylactic shock.  It was extremely terrifying and caught us by surprise.  We were kind of getting used to watching him switch back and forth from this chemo to the next without any weird side effects.  As a result of learning he now has an allergy to... Read The Rest →

Anaphylactic Shock

So freaking scary!!! While we’ve become fairly accustom to changes…this was overwhelming. The visit to the clinic was normal, well our new normal, they accessed his port…drew blood…waited for counts, and we took our seat for the day.   Today’s protocol was for 2 different chemo’s, both of which he’s had before and a blood and platelet transfusion.   They pushed the first round of chemo through and he was fine…in fact we started our first game of Monopoly Deal, Cooper’s fav.  They started him on the second chemo and... Read The Rest →

Our Super Cooper

Cooper has been doing relatively well.  His fever relented yesterday afternoon, but his white blood cell counts are still low (14, we need them to be 250 before they release us).  Right now Cooper’s body doesn’t have what it takes to fight even the smallest fever so they’ve been pumping his body full of antibiotics for the last 3 days to ward off any infections.  The reason why his fever broke is because the antibiotics kicked in giving his body a break.  They can’t send us home until his body... Read The Rest →


We’ve become pretty accustom to change and surprise over the last 2 months, and most of the time it’s not a positive experience.  The last few weeks have been taxing for all of us…especially Cooper and Patti.  Last week he was in the hospital 3 out of 5 days with a fever and chemo.  This week was his last week of school which he was able to go to, but then yesterday we got the report that his ANC (the count that tells us how his white blood cells are... Read The Rest →

Another Surprise

The past month has felt like six months. As we sit in far too many hospital rooms, the moments seam to blur together. This last week was, once again, filled with new surprises. I’m coming to find that dealing with cancer means walking in unpredictability at all times.  Just when you get comfortable going one way, you zigzag the other. Patti and I now understand that this is our new “normal.” Coop ended “induction” April 27th, which means last week we waited to get the results from the plethora of... Read The Rest →

Thoughts from Cooper

I just want to tell you MY story. When I started out they poked me so many times, which I didn’t like but sometimes you just have to do it.  So, any way…we went to the Children’s Hospital to do another blood test to find out what was wrong.  My mom, dad, and my friend Holly took me there.  The next day we got the results and it was good…it was a miracle what happened!  They wanted to check one more time to see if they were right.  A few... Read The Rest →

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